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I offer personalized portraits in various techniques and styles tailored to your individual preferences and requirements. Whether in gouache, oil, watercolor, graphite, or pencil – your portrait will be crafted with dedication and precision.

I don’t just work with colors and shapes; I also delve into your personal narrative. Your experiences, emotions, and character traits are woven into each of my portraits. The result is a visual storytelling experience that goes far beyond highlighting external features.

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Enhance your home or office with a unique piece of art that expresses your personality. Reach out to me at to learn more about the process, pricing, and availability.

I look forward to collaborating with you to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

The Broken Portraits

This series is characterized by portraits that incorporate abstracted elements, cracks, and fractures in their depiction. The cracks and fragments serve as metaphors for themes such as error acceptance, self-acceptance, tolerance of imperfections, and the effectiveness of pain. Imperfection, loss, homelessness, and the possibility of finding peace with biographical fractures and loose ends are central themes.

It opposes the unattainable pursuit of perfection and completion with beauty in imperfection.