About Tatjana Kpunkt

Why Kpunkt?

The name „Tatjana Kpunkt“ is more than just an alias. It symbolizes my artistic journey and my heritage. „Kpunkt“ derives from my maiden name and the german word „Punkt“, which stands for „point“. In careful consideration and mindful adaptation I chose to bring it „down to the point“. It represents my personal connection to my roots and my identity.

Experiences and influences

With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology, I possess a unique background that influences my artistic work. My psychological education enables me to gain profound insights into the human psyche, which I integrate into my art.

In July 2023, I participated in a group exhibition that fueled my desire to engage more interactively with my audience. My style is influenced by classical oil painting from the European Renaissance and contemporary artists like Baselitz, Lucio Fontana, Robin Eley, Patrick Kramer, Lauren Bonham, Aiden Kringen, and Stephanie Rew. I am currently collaborating with Richard T. Allgaier on figure painting.

Sustainability and Health

Due to my background in occupational psychology, sustainability and health are essential themes in my art. I strive for resource-, environment-, and health-friendly practices when creating my artworks. I make a conscious effort to use sustainable materials and techniques that minimize environmental impact, not only in the finished pieces but also in my creative process.


I am open to commissioned works, especially in the realm of larger format portrait paintings using gouache or oil, although these may require an extended processing time. I am also increasingly enjoying creating situational quick portraits.

Techniques and message

In my work, I employ a range of techniques, including watercolor, gouache, oil, watercolor pencils, ink, mixed media, collage, photography, and digital image processing. My message centers on the idea that mistakes provide the best opportunity for learning and growth. No one is perfect, just as art is never truly complete.

Born 1992 in Ak-Suu, Kyrgyzstan, Tatjana migrated to Germany in 1999 as the sixth of twelve children. There she grew up experiencing severe socio-economic hardships in the city of Weimar until 2012.

Like countless late repatriates, the family has been on a generations-long quest for a home, and with it, the contradiction between freedom and being bound.

Since early childhood, Tatjana has found refuge in the world of visual arts, theater, music, and literature.

The authoritarian, rule-bound, perfectionist thinking of her upbringing, however, still accompanies her artistic work and her persona today.

Since 2022, the self-taught artist has been living in Biberach, where, alongside her master’s studies in psychology, she devotes herself to painting portraits, whimsical landscapes, and botanical art using ink, pencil, watercolors, and gouache.

Tatjana Kpunkt has been acquiring her painting skills through self-study since 2022.